The worm that works! #DangleYourWanglers



What kind of worms are Wanglers Live?

Wanglers Live Redworms are approximately 3 inches in size.  Wanglers technical name is Eisenia Hortensis. 

What is a chartreuse worm and is it safe?

Chartreuse wanglers are a fish favorite!  They are the same fat and juicy redworm with a fish preferred color.  The color is safe for fish and not harmful to the water. 

Do Wanglers Live Redworms need to be refrigerated?

Wanglers Live Redworms DO NOT need to be refrigerated.  They are safe and comfortable in temperatures that range from 38 degrees to 74 degrees F.

How long will Wanglers Live Redworms live?

Wanglers Live Redworms will live for months in temperature ranges from 38-74 degrees F, are cupped with "food" and do not need to be refrigerated.  

Where can I buy Wanglers Live Redworms

Wanglers are sold at your favorite tackle shop and national retailers like Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, L&M Fleet Shop and many more.

If you can't find Wanglers at your favorite shop, ask them to carry them!  

See our store locator.

How do I keep my worms for months?

Wanglers Live Redworms come fed and prepared for the long haul.  You can ensure they'll live for months or more by keeping them out of direct sunlight, in temperatures between 38-74, moist but not wet, and if you've had them for months, add peat moss, not dirt.