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If you are looking to have a little fun and catch fish, then Wanglers are the worms for you. Wanglers worms are the perfect worms for a variety of fish! Wanglers worms are expertly bred, fed and cared for to ensure that they are the perfect fishing worm. Packed in a customized soil, they are guaranteed maximum freshness. The best part about Wanglers is that NO REFRIGERATION IS NEEDED! Now all you need to do is experiment with NATURAL, CHARTREUSE or GARLIC-flavored Wanglers and find out which one your local fish prefer. We hear that they are all favorites!



The natural redworm is a traditional favorite.  Each cup comes with 30 fat and juicy redworms that are approximately 3-inches long and sure to catch some fish! 



Chartreuse redworms are safe, non-toxic, and come in a fish-attracting color! 30, 3-inch, fat and juicy, chartreuse redworms come in each cup. 



 Garlic redworms look like classic naturals, but are flavored with the garlic that fish love! Each cup contains 30, 3-inch, fat and juicy, garlic redworms.



The Wanglers Wackle Pack is a ready-to-fish, live bait combo! This combination comes with 30 natural (fat and juicy) redworms, 2 bobbers, 6 sinkers and 4 hooks. This is the perfect product to head straight to the water with! 

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